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Litigation Finance
Litigation Finance

Amicus Capital Group, LLC is a legacy team of experts harking from the dawn of the litigation finance industry. Our founding philosophy is a blend of a true understanding of contingent fee litigation mixed with pure business. As such, we uniquely recognize that trial lawyers operate in a high-stakes and highly specialized area with financial requirements that traditional commercial banks view as high-risk. Our team is paralleled to none at assessing litigation assets through sophisticated underwriting criteria. We evaluate the true value of a firm’s portfolio. We’ve done this time and time again – showcasing a successful 25-year track record. Perhaps most impressively proving the accuracy and strength of our risk evaluation by withstanding market disruptions amidst the 2008 financial crisis and 2019coronavirus pandemic.  Amicus Capital Group stands for high performance under the highest stakes.


Our business and finance services bridge cashflow shortfalls that are typical for the legal industry. With a product suite designed exclusively to utilize the value of existing cases, we generate both an immediate source of cash and secure a stable source of long-term financing. With a reliable revenue stream, trial lawyers and their clients have the ability to allocate resources to compete effectively against well-capitalized corporations and insurance companies. We are proud to fuel the financial firepower behind justice.

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