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No Bots Allowed! 4 Ways Legal Workflow Automation Improves Law Firm Communications
Legal Workflow Automation | Amicus Capital Group, LLC

4 Ways Legal Workflow Automation Improves Law Firm Communications

Frustrating automated phone attendants that never understand what you say.  Clicking on boxes containing crosswalks to prove to a bot that you’re not a bot.

No wonder lawyers worry that automation could lead to robotic client communications and impersonal legal team interactions.

However, the opposite is true. Legal workflow automation improves the efficiency of law firm communications, with enhanced abilities to:

  1. Instantly and flawlessly reproduce standard communications.
  2. Consistently use clients’ preferred communication channels.
  3. Keep collaborative projects on track.
  4. Identify issues that need attention and focus on the essential information.

Instantly and flawlessly reproduce standard communications.

Lawyers have reported up to 82% time savings when using document automation to generate contracts and other legal documents. It is a similarly convenient tool for templating and reproducing common communications, including:

  • New client engagement letters and non-representation letters
  • Requests to clients and courts for documents and information
  • Case and matter updates and routine notifications

Flexible templates allow you to include the most up-to-date information while reducing human errors that cause delay and confusion. And if a point repeatedly raises questions from readers, you can revise the language until it clearly expresses your expectations and goals.

Consistently use clients’ preferred communication channels.

First, allowing new clients to fill out automated intake forms captures accurate details in the most streamlined and error-free way possible—straight from clients themselves.

The form can ask clients to indicate their preferred communication channels. An automated case management system can track their input and ensure everyone uses the lines of communication that get the timeliest responses. Simple? Yes. Highly effective? Also, yes.

Keep workflows and projects on track.

We spend a lot of time communicating a mutual understanding of who needs to do what and when. Software tools that allow firm leaders to assign, prioritize, and track tasks help legal teams stay on top of workloads and projects.

Automated notification and document routing systems keep projects moving forward, ensuring people have the right information on time. Automated integrations can connect data silos so information flows freely without waiting for manual data collection, entry, or reporting.

Identify what needs attention first and focus on the essentials.

Platforms with customizable dashboards typically allow you to visualize data in ways that significantly speed comprehension. Automated reporting functions can instantly update your preferred data visualizations. As a result, when you switch on your dashboard, you can quickly spot real-time risks and opportunities.

With one click and a glance, you can answer client questions, update a team member, or flag an item for future action. Many platforms also allow you to customize data views, making it easy to focus on only the most essential and relevant information.

These are just a few of the many benefits automation brings law firms—without the risk of bots ruining your relationships. Call me or Amicus Capital Group at (877) 926-4287 to ensure your automation endeavors help you achieve swifter, more efficient communications. Need a litigation finance company in Santa Clarita, CA? Call our team!

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