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Appeal Funding

Appeal funding is a solution to the ever-increasing demands of contingent fee litigation.

Lawyers and plaintiffs are often stretched thin when the case finally tried to verdict. Even with a positive outcome it does not mean the fight is over, in fact it often is just the start of a new battle. The appeal process begins after years of litigation may have depleted your resources.


Our appeal funding product is set up to empower attorneys and plaintiffs with the resources to make it through this new battle. Don’t allow the defendant to use the threat of an appeal to generate a favorable settlement after the jury has spoken. This tool can help provide the resources to continue the fight and force the defendant to answer to the jury. The funds can be used to support your firm if you are handling the appeal in-house or to retain an appellate attorney to maximize your results.

Typically it is a non-recourse investment that is paid back only when you successfully resolve your appeal.

Apply today and get the resources you need to fight for your clients!