Attorney Fee Deferral

Increase your capital base with our attorney fee deferral option that mitigates all US Tax consequences.  Arrange to talk with our business/finance experts about tax-efficient programs when you are receiving large contingency fees.

Amicus Capital Group, LLC offers a legally documented strategy that minimizes taxes and increases growth for law firms. Our attorney fee deferral options offer more flexibility than those offered through domestic non-qualified assignment companies which are subject to IRS section 72(u).  As such, taxable damage cases may incur significant benefits from our program.  With the choice from a variety of world-class legal, tax investment options with our exclusive major investment firm partner, attorneys are able to customize deferral and payment terms, receive lump sum payments and select beneficiaries.

It is important to note that Amicus Capital Group, LLC is able to offer these flexible, competitive structures with no conflicts of interest. We do not require purchase of in-house products.

  • Money is physically held in the US
  • Fees are invested on a pre-tax basis
  • Tax-free investment growth
  • Estate tax efficient
  • Designate a custom investment objective
  • Choose from a variety of deferral and payment options
  • Choose between conservative, traditional, or aggressive portfolio compositions
  • Choose between fixed and variable investment products
  • No upside limit on settlement values
  • No required distribution within the first year of deferral
  • Independent of any insurance company

*Amicus Capital Group, LLC is not licensed to provide independent legal and tax advice, we have engaged outside experts for certified counsel.