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Amicus Capital Group, LLC

Litigation Finance Company Serving Law Firms in Rockford, IL


About Amicus Capital Group, LLC


The founder of Amicus Capital Group (Bill Tilley) ignited the litigation finance industry nearly 25 years ago. Strongly rooted in business and finance philosophies, the visionary quest was to mitigate the most systemic business challenge for law firms – wildly fluctuating income.

Today, we continue the quest to stabilize cash-flow. 

Our robust financial models drive and protect billions of dollars flowing through the legal industry through firms of all sizes in Rockford and throughout the United States. We are historically embedded in Transforming the Business of Law™

Following is a brief summary of the service Amicus Capital provides to lawyers with law firms in Rockford:
  • Amicus Capital provides funding for the cost of developing cases and operating your firm.
  • Amicus Capital typically provides four to five times more capital than a traditional lending institution. We can do this because we only work with plaintiff lawyers and we understand the value of your portfolio of contingent cases.
  • With our unique lending program, your firm is able to utilize this cost effective capital to increase your firm’s ability to maximize the value of your cases.
  • No principal payments are required on the money until final disposition of the case, either through settlement or adjudication. We understand the case flow constraints of contingent fee work.
  • Understanding the one thing that is most valuable is your time, we have made our program very simple. We will not burden your firm with increased administration costs.

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Rockford Litigation Finance & Law Firm Loans

While we provide many Rockford law firm loans and funding options, we specialize in providing litigation finance for trial lawyers.

Trial lawyers who want to take on more profitable litigation cases against deep-pocketed defendants find it difficult without sufficient capitalization. As a result, they have to refer great new cases that they are more than capable of litigating. We offer law firms the ability to borrow funds to finance the costs associated with litigation.

Another scenario that often occurs is when a law firm has to tie up case profits when they could be better utilized to meet day-to-day operating expenses or expand their business.

With Amicus Captial Group, LLC, they are now able to take on cases otherwise out of reach because the cost of litigation is simply unfeasible.  

Law Firm Loans in Rockford, Illinois

We’ve provided billions of dollars in litigation finance and law firm loans while implementing business strategies that maximize revenue and profitability for lawyers. 

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Take 5 minutes to fill out an online, pre-qualification survey. The survey questions are quick and easy to answer. After you submit the survey, a loan expert from Amicus Capital Group will review your information and respond regarding credit offerings within 24 hours! 100% CONFIDENTIAL

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