Post-Settlement Funding

Attorneys handling plaintiff’s cases face continuous financial challenges that rarely occur in any other type of business.

These unique obstacles demand unique solutions…post-settlement funding is one of them.

The Key Benefits of Post-Settlement Funding

  • Post-settlement funding on executed settlement agreements
  • Same-day approval
  • Confidential process
  • No upfront fees
  • No monthly payments
  • Competitive rates

Amicus will accelerate your fee or your client’s recovery if you have reached a settlement but have not yet received payment. Amicus will provide post-settlement funding to attorneys and plaintiffs for most settled cases. This settlement advance can allow you to move forward on the next case with no loss of time or just ease a temporary cash-flow crunch that your law firm is experiencing.

Convert your case to cash now.

The Amicus Capital Post-Settlement Funding service is unique among legal finance options in that it allows plaintiffs’ attorneys to obtain a portion of their legal fee from a settled case without putting any further strain on their cash flow. In other words, with post-settlement funding, the attorney is not compelled to make monthly or quarterly (or any) debt service payments, and there are no up-front expenses. Our lawyer clients only have to pay Amicus when the settlement funds are received.

Administrative and other incidental delays might cause payment delays in certain instances. Class actions, MDLs, wrongful death, medical malpractice, litigation against governmental bodies, and infant’s (minor’s) compromise are some examples of when legal fees on resolved claims might be greatly delayed. While a settlement indicates that a legal cost will be paid, the next concern is how long it will take for payment to be made, and how you will fund your expenses while you wait.

Post-settlement funding was intended to assist plaintiffs’ attorneys who are in need of money while waiting for contingent fees to be paid. For plaintiffs’ law firms, post-settlement finance can be a highly useful instrument. Access to capital may be the answer to your cashflow problems, as well as covering your overhead and litigation costs. Post-settlement funding can help l national plaintiffs’ law firms maintain their competitive advantage, grow their footprint to help boost business, and increase their presence on all media platforms. One of the most powerful tools in an attorney’s repertoire has always been and continues to be post-settlement finance.

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