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Comprehensive Financial Solutions for Law Firms and Attorneys

Law Firm Business and Finance in Valencia, CA

Amicus Capital Services, LLC provides law firm management solutions, attorney loans, and other specialty financial products to trial lawyers exclusively.

The principles of Amicus Capital have been providing services to plaintiffs’ firms since pioneering the Attorney Funding industry in 1999. Law Firm funding can enhance your firm’s ability to fight for justice while increasing your bottom line. Select Trial lawyers can gain exclusive access to our unique insight and expertise as the creators of the industry.

We are not lawyers, we do not get involved in how you handle your cases but we are financial experts that can help you manage your practice like a business which in turn will allow you to expand your practice and improve your bottom line.

Working with Amicus and its founders will give you access to our thousands upon thousands of legal contacts nationwide. With our founders having originated several hundred million in attorney loans to hundreds of firms across the country and financing tens of thousands of contingent cases we have gained an unparalleled perspective of the best use of a firms capital, best way to manage the uneven cash flow of trial law, estimate the true value of cases, most efficient use of your marketing budget and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

You have the legal expertise, we have the business experience.

Contact us for a complimentary review of your firm’s overall financial health and deployment of its finite resources.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to enhancing your practice.

Amicus Capital Services: Financial Firepower for Your Firm

Amicus Capital Services LLC has a simple mission: to combine our financial firepower with your legal expertise to create limitless opportunity within the legal marketplace. Created by the founders of the attorney financing industry, Amicus offers the financing you require and the expertise you need to further leverage your expertise in your fight for justice. We’re the pioneers.and our experience is your secret weapon in the fight against uneven cash flow, tax liability, and the most well-capitalized defendants.

We are not lawyers. We are financial experts with an unparalleled perspective on the business of practicing law. Our financial tools can help you take your law firm to the next level, from increased efficiency to long-term growth. At Amicus, we don’t tell you how to handle your cases.we simply give you the resources you need to win them.

From a network of thousands of legal contacts to founders who have originated several hundred million in attorney loans, we have the expertise it takes to finance your firm’s success. We help you improve your firm’s efficiency and financial outlook by managing uneven cash flow, reducing tax exposure, estimating the true value of cases, and even marketing your firm more effectively. The result? Your firm can expand to serve even more people.

Law firm business and Finance

You have the legal expertise.we have the market experience. Take advantage of Amicus Capital’s financial firepower today. Contact us to schedule a meeting to review your law firm business and finance health.
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